WHMCS Domain Verification

Authorized your Domain to be using WHMCS

WHMCS Domain Verification

Is it safe?
yes. It is safe. we are offering this service for 3 years and haven't faced any problem.

How much time it will take to verify?
10-20min (If i am online) or else max 24hrs.

Do I have to give access of whmcs or any control panel login?
A BIG NO. You only have to give your domain name where you installing whmcs.

How do you provide licenses?
we replace the License.php file with our own licensing system. then will verify the domain on WHMCS.com in 2 hours-48 hours.

Can I contact service support directly?
No, You can't. You should send your request to us to be asked by us on your behalf.

We will refund if we can't deliver the license or the domain doesn't validate on WHMCS.com otherwise NO REFUND after delivering the license and verification.

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